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This is a pre-publication version. The editor hasn’t even seen it yet and the cover designer doesn’t know the book exists. This version requires another author edit before ti goes off to the (real) editor. I debated whether to give this version away at this stage. But it’s a great story and even though some sentences require a cleanup (and deletion even) it’s well worth the read.

Alien Cities was originally planned to be a couple of chapters in the final book of the First Gods series but the story became compelling the more I thought about it. The couple of main characters really interested me and I wanted to know more about them. And H (the holographic assistant from Book 3 – Habitat) is such an interesting character I wanted to let it have more development. Which turned out for the better since H is now a major influence on the story of the last book, Book Five – Time’s Resolution.

I hope you enjoy this read. I don’t intend publishing Alien Cities until well into 2024 and when I’ve finished the last book (in this series!). Time travel makes things interesting for authors with continuity and there are a few scenes in Alien Cities that are replicated (from a different POV) in Time’s Resolution. I think they are finalised, but I’d like to leave my options open to make a few tweaks to small things like dialogue if I come up with better ideas as I write Time’s Resolution.

BTW Time’s Resolution is a big one – it’s planned to be 180,000 words. The detailed outline is 90,000 words! I expect it to be published sometime in the second half of 2024.


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