First Gods Series

Book 1
First Gods Awaken

The first sentient, technological race in the universe created a stable and unique civilisation—born out of the ruins of planet-wide catastrophe. The brain child of a visionary who understood that egalitarianism only works within smaller groups. The alien society has lasted for three hundred years. Its success dependent on being carefully and quietly managed by a single entity.

All it takes is a single aberration in a position of leadership for the carefully created edifice to be destroyed. The creator—the first leader—never considered an untrustworthy inheritor of his own position.

Awaken is a science fiction fantasy about Artificial Intelligence and its consequences for the first civilisation in the universe.
James Cameron got it wrong with Terminator. AI won’t take over the world that way—with direct violence—they’re too smart.

Did you think the First Gods might be supernatural beings, or evolved humans? Of course they aren’t. They’re AI.
With our advances with ChatGPT and Personal AI we’re close to living the First Gods stories ourselves.

The universe’s first technological race created General Artificial Intelligence. They had problems.
It wasn’t pretty but it is exciting as ambitions and the emotional responses from people in command and from AI clash.
Advanced technology and a genetic mutation in a single family are used by those intending to help.
They make the situation worse. It’s a race against time to stop their civilisation from imploding.

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Book 2
First Gods Community

When large communities are threatened, when they are stressed, they fracture and reassemble into manageable—tribal—sizes. Everyone becomes other and the world is seen as a dangerous place.

A technological alien civilisation in the early universe has evolved a precariously balanced society, which works. Until it’s disturbed by an alien from the distant past controlled by the early universe’s most powerful AI.

A single alien, Renn, arrives on a world in the early universe. He has an unwelcome guest in his head; a powerful AI that needs to take control of the world for its own survival. But the alien AI meets resistance from an unlikely source, a community of AI each more powerful than itself.

Taking control of an alien world is not straightforward when the response will destroy everyone.
Renn tries to stop the destruction he was forced to begin. He receives sympathetic assistance from a young, smart woman who isn’t scared that he’s an alien. But being alien is difficult for both of them as they combine to save her world from the alien AI’s attack and from a defence that would leave everyone dead.

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Book 3
First Gods Habitat

In the early universe a scientific research team are stranded on a moon orbiting a gas giant while their home planet’s population is being destroyed by a war between AIs.

Through arrogance their research station is destroyed and they find shelter in a recently discovered billion-year-old alien underground city. Which, surprisingly, is still functional.

But they are not alone on the moon. A rogue, powerful AI is also interested in what they’ve found. The ancient alien artefact could be a critical part of the war.

The alien city could change everything and solve the mystery of their civilisation’s origin and destruction. A billion years can be an instant with time travel.

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Each book is a complete story. Just don’t read the epilogue(s), if you want to walk away happy and content that all things have been wound up nicely and there is really an ending to any story.