First Gods Series

Book 1
First Gods Awaken

The first sentient, technological race in the universe created a stable and unique civilisation—born out of the ruins of planet-wide catastrophe. The brain child of a visionary who understood that egalitarianism only works within smaller groups. The alien society has lasted for three hundred years. Its success dependent on being carefully and quietly managed by a single entity.

All it takes is a single aberration in a position of leadership for the carefully created edifice to be destroyed. The creator—the first leader—never considered an untrustworthy inheritor of his own position.

Unfortunately, for the universe and its history, dangerous advanced physics is unleashed.

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This is what my publisher says about it. Pricks.
Don’t you hate these back-page blurbs? They either tell you bugger-all, trying to be suspenseful, or they tell you too much and then, well, there’s no need to buy the book at all, or they are a work of fiction themselves that seem to have little correlation with the book they are ostensibly describing, except, perhaps, the character names are the same. Sigh! The above blurb is a mix of both the first and last reasons. But, I assure you, the books aren’t half-bad, if you like that sort of thing.

Book 2
First Gods Community

When large communities are threatened, when they are stressed, they fracture and reassemble into manageable—tribal—sizes. Everyone becomes other and the world is seen as a dangerous place.

A technological alien civilisation in the early universe has evolved a precariously balanced society, which works.

Until it’s disturbed by an alien from the distant past controlled by the early universe’s most powerful AI.

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Publisher comment, again
That one makes it sound almost literary, doesn’t it? Pretension will do that.

Book 3
First Gods Habitat

In the early universe a scientific research team are stranded on a moon orbiting a gas giant while their home planet’s population is being destroyed by a war between alien AIs.

Through arrogance their research station is destroyed and they find shelter in a recently discovered billion-year-old alien artefact. Which, surprisingly, is still functional.

But they are not alone on the moon. A rogue, powerful AI is also interested in what they’ve found. The ancient alien artefact could be a critical part of the war.

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The publisher said this. It almost makes me appreciate them. Almost.
Have no fear, there is no misunderstood, hard-edged but soft-hearted, working-class, ex-military man with a broken family that he desperately wants to repair and does so by saving the universe, in this book. Even though it does mention “war”. This one is a precursor to the fourth book (and, yes, we’ve seen the outline so it has a half reasonable chance of being written) which certainly does have some war in it. But the women are the powerful ones, so it’s a smart war, if that’s a term that could be used to describe war.


You don’t HAVE to read all the books. Each one is a complete story. Just don’t read the epilogue(s), if you want to walk away happy and content that all things have been wound up nicely and there is really an ending to any story. But, as we all know, there is never a real ending. It may get boring (like life can) but a story never ends.