About MK Macpherson

MK Macpherson has a Masters degree in Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics. He started a PhD but the need to have an immediate income got in the way. It was possibly a mistake. He almost started a second one later in life but, again… Hmmm. There might be a pattern there.

He travelled around the world a bit in his twenties and worked for years in software design and creation. He is also a qualified personal trainer as well as a strength and conditioning coach. He wrote some books.

He writes science fiction fantasy. It’s world building where there is advanced scientific knowledge and civilisations have alternative structures. There are also some (very minor) changes to the laws of physics but nothing that would be called magic.

He has an interest in understanding consciousness (no one does, yet) and especially what this means for Artificial General Intelligence. All his books have an AI (or more) in there somewhere.

He has two adult children and devotes too much time to strenuous physical activities such as: strength training, running, swimming, as well as ocean water sports – wing foiling, SUP, and surfing.

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