Who is this guy? And why should I care?

You shouldn’t. Especially looking like a pretentious homeless guy. Is that a thing? It’s like a uniform for supposedly serious writers, isn’t it? No time for personal attention, just time for writing. Haha. It’s like surfers always look dishevelled, it’s “the look” and perpetuated by peer pressure, expectations, and wanting to belong to a group. Or maybe, in this case, wanting to sell you stuff you may not really want. You certainly don’t need these books, the world will get along quite nicely if you don’t read these stories. 

MK Macpherson has a Masters degree in Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics. He started a PhD but, well, you know, the need to have an immediate income got in the way. It was possibly a mistake. Move on, and all that crap. Almost started a second one later in life but, again… Hmmm. There might be a pattern there. Haha.

Not really, I don’t think so. If we’re passionate about things then we make them happen (in the privileged first world, of course. If you’re starving or being bombed it’s a tad difficult to more than stay alive and keep your family alive – we’re really lucky in these Western countries, sort of makes you wonder if, well…)

Travelled around a bit, worked for years in software design and creation. Wrote some crappy books. No, I mean the ones in the past! Well, that’s a value judgement, isn’t it? It always is. I have no idea why some stories are popular and others, that I think are awesome (not mine), are ignored. Is it all marketing? Maybe. That’s sad, because it’s a different talent to be able to genuinely sell stuff (and not just be a con artist or used car salesman). Content providing and marketing rarely go together. That’s why I have a publisher but they’re pretty crap.

If you’re still with me… and may I ask why are you’re still reading this drivel? I live in Melbourne and have two grown children. I do lots of stuff other than writing, you may be subjected to some of it here if you bother to read the blogs. (I wouldn’t unless you absolutely have nothing better, more constructive to do). But, as I said, how am I to judge what people find entertaining and interesting. Just getting inside another’s mind is interesting and unique and that’s what we do when we read stories and we read what people say about what they’re doing with their lives.

If you insist, then you can…See the books