You Might Be Interested

Don’t you hate marketing speak? It’s a loud, chaotic battlefield where the combatants fight to the death to merely gain the attention of some distracted, disinterested person picnicking on a grassy hill to the side somewhere. The solitary person occasionally glances in the direction of the fighting and they frown, which drives the fighters nuts with the potential of attention.

It’s impossible to be heard with a polite, ‘Excuse me?’ in the middle of all that.

I’ve written three books of a series of books that could well go on forever, unless I go all George R. R. Martin. They’re science fiction but with (almost) realistic physics. They’re not about humans from Earth. I’ve given up wishing for a future for us. With all that’s (still) happening it’s a struggle to think ahead for a decade not hundreds of years. (Sigh! Really? In 2022 we’re still fighting, invading, killing and hating people who think differently? WTF?). I write about aliens and that’s great because I can do a Star Trek type of thing (not actually Star Trek) and create my own worlds with their own types of communities, social structures, and problems. It’s fun to work out what will go wrong with all types of social structures.

Anyway, if you like that sort of stuff you could read the books.