Released. Sort of. Partially.

First Gods

I’ve let loose the first three books of the First Gods series: Awaken, Community, and Habitat. But only the ebook versions in the Amazon Kindle store. It’s been over ten months since the manuscripts were completed but I’ve been waiting on editing and design. Is that a reasonable timeframe for three books? I have no idea. It seems a long time to me. But then, the person waiting feels duration differently.

The print books are still not done. I’ve decided to just get the ebooks and covers out the door as they are and add the print versions whenever they are finally done. Again, I have no idea how long that takes. Scrivener seems to produce what you want by simply compiling for that format. But who am I to judge? I haven’t done it before and others, who have, seem to think there’s more to it than that.

There is some macabre reasoning involved. The sort of thing that most people who create intangible things think about. It’s the posthumous problem. And it has little or nothing to do with the absolute quality of the work, just the effort that has been involved in producing it. What if I get hit by a bus (or in my, more likely, case it will be a wing foiling accident or squashed by an over-heavy front squat) and all the stuff I’ve written gets lost? The work may be crap (and even if it’s not, some people will think that it is) but that’s beside the point. It’s a legacy. It may be whistling in a cyclone but the whistling does contribute some small thing to the storm. It has made some (minor) contribution. And that’s all we can really hope for. Some can only whistle while others have foghorns but the feeling of having contributed, having created something, is just as real.

The books are here.